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Updated: May 2, 2018

  1. •Everyone has an opinion regarding your wedding. Don’t make the mistake of thinking you need to somehow use it all. Gracefully take what applies, leave the rest.

  2. •You’re the only one who will remember as much of your wedding as you will. Those memories better be of what you wanted and not what everyone else wanted.

  3. •I find that brides who do not get a coordinator have problems. I will never forget the bride who, just before she walked out said, “This sucks! This is supposed to be an ethereal moment for me and everyone is coming to me with problems!”

  4. •Don’t change your bra after your last fitting. It rarely fits…

  5. •Bring sticky tape to the wedding. It works for all things

  6. •Do not let anyone handle your dress after their make-up is on.

  7. •Verbal agreements with wedding vendors mean nothing. It is a dice roll at best if you get their services. No matter how good of friends they may be, keep it professional.

  8. •One day I want to hear a story about a bride who, instead of wearing a garter, strapped on a flask of liquor on one leg and a pistol on the other. And another who strapped on a mouse trap. That would be hilarious.

  9. •At my wedding, instead of pushing the cake in each other’s faces, on the count of three, we turned and pummeled our maid of honor and best man instead. The crowd of 300 roared. Good times…..

  10. •The oil in your hands will dirty your dress. Make sure you wash your hands (especially the tips of your fingers) before you put on your dress

  11. •Do not store your dress when it is bustled.

  12. •The worst thing you can do is buy a dress that is too small and say "I'll fit into it by the time the wedding comes." Whether true or not, This is an unhealthy approach and a poor way to treat your body.

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